Tag 4 Active Lives - Highbury Hospital


Increasing physical activity for hospital service users

Tag 4 Active Lives at Highbury Hospital offers a fresh and innovative way for service users to explore the hospital grounds. Previously service users walked the "Highbury Mile" as part of their exercise regime but this became repetitive and mundane for patients.

Tag 4 Active Lives provides a unique treasure hunt experience to keep service users engaged while completing the "Highbury Mile". Users scan co-created objects using AI, tap tags around the route and answer educational and supportive information while completing the walk.


Main Features Of Tag 4 Active Lives

Tag 4 Active Lives provides Highbury Hospital with a fully custom app that engages their service users through location-based content.

Treasure hunt

Tag With Me worked directly with Highbury Hospital to implement a fully personalised treasure hunt to encourage their service users to explore their surroundings more.

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Location based

Our app communicates regularly with sensors around The Highbury Mile to give the user an up-to-date idea of where they are located and what to keep an eye out for.

Scan me

Custom AI models have been trained to recognise objects unique to The Highbury Mile, finding one of these locations will activate the AI activity on the players phone.

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Tag me

At a selection of locations players will be challenged to find NFC tags around the area and to tap them with their device.

Answer me

Players of the game will, at times, be encouraged to use their surroundings to answer questions specific to the location they are in.

Teach Me

At other locations, user will be given some information that teaches them about something new about the history of either Highbury Hospital, or the surrounding area.